You scream, we all scream ice cream!  Clearly one of my favorite childhood rhymes and knowing my passion for ice cream, I must be a case of arrested development. 

In case you’re wondering I do know how to spell fatty, however  this particular ice cream treat reminded me of the past few years fad-obsession with bacon and this year’s fad – it’s got to be salted to be good (read sea salted dark chocolate, salted caramel everything including Starbucks!).

So what we have here is:  A waffle cup with sampler trio (whiskey fudge rebellion, drunk and salty caramel, and maple bacon) sprinkled with candied pecans.



Luca & Bosco is an ice cream and dessert company based in NYC. They strive to make people happy through food – my kind of people!   Their ice cream has integrity, and is made from all natural ingredients, organic whenever possible, less sweet and packed with flavor – one taste and you will know the difference. They’re seriously talking about a deliciousness to make your eyes roll back because it tastes so good. 

Run by co-founders Catherine Oddenino and Ruthie Vishlitzky, Luca & Bosco’s mission is to bring deliciousness to people’s lives one scoop at a time.

Catherine is the mom of Luca, a 5 pound, white Maltese. Ruthie is the mom of Bosco, a chocolate Lab. They are the inspiration for the name and the reason we make ice cream cone shaped dog biscuits. We don’t want our canine friends to be left out of the ice cream fun.

Wow!! I have to take a trip down to the Lower East Side to stop in for a taste of some of the unusual and distinct ice cream flavors offered at Luca & Bosco.  Although today’s feature is the waffle cup sampler with a trio of fantabulous ice creams, Luca & Bosco have such exotic flavors as:  Carmelized Banana, Chocolate Brownie Chunk, Goat Cheese, Milky Tea, Rosemary Olive Oil, and Earl Grey with Chocolate Freckles.  On second thought maybe I shouldn’t even consider a visit.  I might go into sugar shock!

Luca & Bosco is located at 120 Essex St. New York, NY.


It’s not every day that you get to meet a mysterious silent film star!  I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful and mysterious Belle De l’ombre.  Believe it or not she actually lives here in New York City in some very posh surroundings.  But of course that’s only fitting for such a raven beauty.  Her name is as beautiful as  she is and it translates to Beauty Of The Shadows!  She is a true movie star from the silent film era and as you can see from this photo she carries herself as the star she is.  With a little bit of luck and research I was able to obtain some footage from one of Belle’s many films.  Take a look for yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree this little Glamour Puss is as elegant and mysterious as her name implies.


Beauty of the Shadows

Beauty of the Shadows

Good Advice

Good Advice

Be prepared, you won’t be shocked!! Today the movies, cable TV shows and comedians have no holds barred when it comes to using foul language, bathroom humor, swearing a blue streak;  There are no boundaries…  Well it wasn’t always like that and thanks to Pbenjay’s favorite sourcerer, Gail, I received a link to an article about this very subject.

So let’s step back in time…Here’s a little background that I took from the Mental Floss website.

As long ago as 1944, H.L. Mencken, the great observer of American language, sadly noted that cursing had been on the decline since the Civil War, and that while there was still obscenity, “it is all based upon one or two four-letter words and their derivatives, and there is little true profanity in it.”

Taboos against what we would today consider pretty mild exclamations like “damn!” “hell!” and “Jesus Christ!” led the swearers of years past to come up with creative substitutions that gave them some measure of emotional release while keeping within the bounds of propriety. These substitutions are called “minced oaths,” and they’ve left their mark on our vocabulary. Gosh, gee, golly, dagnamit, darn, drat, gadzooks, zounds, heck, and cripes are all minced oaths that are still around to charm us with their innocent old-timey ring. But there are others you may not have heard of. They could come in handy when you get tired of ho-hum obscenity and want something with a little more profane zing.


A substitute for “by Jesus!” that is similar to “bejesus!” but jabbier. An Irish import, along the lines of “faith and begorrah!” Especially good for toe-stubbing.


A substitute for “goddamn.” From an 1854 Dictionary of Northamptonshire words: “Consarn you! If you don’t mind what you’re about I’ll give it to you!” Slow down and hit both syllables equally hard, and it’s like squeezing a stress ball.


Another “goddamn” form. “Well, dad-sizzle it!” was one way to show you meant business. There were a whole range of “dad” forms, from “dadgum” to dad-blast, dad-seize, dad-rat, dad-swamp, and many more. This one sounds surprisingly modern, like something Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?) might come up with.


A substitute for “damnation,” similar to “tarnation” and “botheration.” WTF is so tired. Try “What in thunderation?” instead.


Something you can swear by, used in a way similar to “by God!” It seems to have come from seafaring slang, and might refer to the Big Dipper. But you don’t need to know the origin to find it useful. Today the strange randomness of the words makes it feel mystically satisfying to shout.


A shortening of “by God’s nails!” This kind of shortening also gave us “zounds!” (God’s wounds), “Gadzooks!” (God’s hooks), “strewth!” (God’s truth), and “ods bodikins!” (God’s little body). If you yell it thinking of actual snails instead, it’s less profane, but more adorable.


This one goes along with the rest of the “gosh all” family: goshamighty, gosh-all-hemlock, gosh all fish-hooks, etc. “Gosh all Potomac” is the earliest one attested in the Dictionary of American English on Historical Principles, and it’s about time we brought it back.


One of the minced oaths that approximate the sounds in “Jesus Christ!” it uses all the strategies found elsewhere: the “gee” sound (Gee! Jeepers! Jeez!), the middle name (Jesus H. Particular Christ!), and the “cr” sound (Crikey! Criminy! Cracky! Christmas!).


There is no St. Boogar. This is a line from Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, considered by scholars to have a homoerotic subtext. Let it fly with pride!


It’s too bad the tradition of productive, long “by the” swears has fallen out of fashion. You could load enough crazy-sounding nonsense on there to really scare your kids into cleaning their rooms.

Some of the “swears” I heard growing up were “Fiddlesticks”, the ususal God damn and I was always especially impressed with my Uncle Henry’s ” Judas Priest”.  I think my kids will have a much more extensive memory including the likes of “Holy Mother of God”, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”.

If you’ve got any “good” ones you’d like to share, please do.

Are you hosting a bridal shower or baby shower?  Having a Tea Party for your daughter and her friends?  Or do you need favors for a birthday party.  Need an unique gift idea for someone’s retirement, recovery?  Great gift for both secular and religious holidays.


Today I came across Soji’s Honey Bakeshop  in an email from PURE WOW, which is fast becoming one of my favorite web sites.  It is a fantastic source of recipes and often features new specialty shops.  The photo of the cookies caught my eye, they are colorful, shapely and just so pretty! The following description is taken directly from PURE WOW:

Creator, Sogoal Zolghadri uses a simple homemade frosting and gel food coloring to hand paint watercolor-esque treats in her Red Hook Studio.

Everything about her mini works of art is customizable (from shape to color to design to price). For weddings, you could commission your names. Baby showers: Consider a classic storybook theme. Birthdays definitely call for something festive. But a random Friday? That’s for feelings.

As for the taste, expect a classic sugar-cookie recipe with almond extract and a hint of orange zest (meaning they’re not just a pretty face).

At least two weeks in advance of your fête, order online and Zolghadri will deliver to you in the city or ship nationwide.

I visited the bakery’s website and in FAQ section, learned they will custom paint your order with whatever design you want.  Price varies on complexity of design.  They ship of course.

I’m posting just a few of the magnificent examples of artistry they offer – Please go to their Facebook page or Etsy.  You won’t believe what Soji’s can create!

Hunter Cookies

Hunter Cookies

Wouldn't Mommy Love These?

Wouldn’t Mommy Love These?

Cowboy Cookies or Born Under the Sign of Taurus

Cowboy Cookies or Born Under the Sign of Taurus

Artwork On A Cookie

Artwork On A Cookie

Lasagna with Collard Greens

Lasagna with Collard Greens

NOW, now, don’t go turning up your nose and thinking you don’t like Collard Greens;  BECAUSE Collard Greens taste like Kale, the darling vegetable for the last couple of years.  In fact I’ll bet if I gave you a piece of Kale and a piece of Collard Green, you wouldn’t be able to tell which is which.  Hey, maybe I should send in that taste test suggestion to Gordon Ramsey for his Hell’s Kitchen show. 


1/2 lb Collard Greens, large leaves, stemmed and washed

Salt to taste

Olive oil for pan

2 cups Marinara sauce (bottled or fresh)

1/2 # no-boil lasagna noodles

1/2 # Ricotta

4 oz. grated Parmesan cheese

DIRECTIONS  – Preheat oven 350 degrees

Steam Collard Greens for 5 minutes above 1″ of boiling water.  Transfer to bowl of cold water, drain and pat dry with paper towels.

Oil rectangular baking dish – Spread tomato sauce over the bottom.  Top with layer of noodles.  Then thin layer of ricotta.  Lay Collard Greens over ricotta, in single layer.  Top leaves with layer of tomato sauce, followed by thin layer of Parmesan cheese.

Set aside some tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese to top the lasagna.

Repeat layers till all ingredients are used up.  Top with reserved sauce and cheese.  Cover with foil.  Place in oven for 30 minutes.  Uncover and return to oven for 5-10 minutes.  Let sit 10 minutes before serving.

* Don’t use all your ingredients in the first layer, you should have enough for 3 layers.

Recipe from Martha Rose Shulman, NY Cooking

It's All MIne

It’s All MIne

OMG – Two weeks in a row and I’ve missed my Monday deadline.  My sincere apologies to all especially last week’s contributors!

As we continue this journey following in Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps (and that’s pretty impressive) I just want to inform anyone who has happened upon this blog today that I try to post Six Word Memoirs each Monday.  It all started with Hemingway’s six word novel or at least story;  His six words are perfectly chosen and loaded with inference and innuendo:

Baby Shoes For Sale, Never Worn”

Smith College started a project which grew to receive national attention.  The Smith project has been written about in the New York Times, AARP’s monthly magazine and in the New Yorker.  And now Pbenjay’s Blog is humbly attempting to join in the fun and creative thinking experience.  Each week, I invite my readers to contribute a Six Word Memoir of their own.  Sometimes we have a theme, most times we don’t.  I hope you’ll think about joining in the fun!

Forgive Me, I Did Not See – Lynne

The Grave Called Too Soon…Farewell – Laura

Darling I Cannot Love But One – Laura

Oops! I Took The Last One – Laura

He Sleeps, The Remote Is Mine – Pbenjay

Damn My Tweet Was Edited Out - Pbenjay

Divorce Wars =  Kids Are Collateral Damage –  Pbenjay


Drinking and Driving!


Somebody just turned ONE YEAR OLD and look what a big boy he is!


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